Tips for Choosing the Finest DJ Speakers

Being a DJ isn’t easy at all, requiring that you not only constantly learn and grow but requiring for you to spend a lot of money on gear as well. An important part of your gear are the speakers that you take with you at the venues where you’re playing. After all, the speakers are the ones that make the music get heard by all the people at the location where you’re performing. In case you’re having trouble purchasing new DJ speakers, or you simply want to make sure that you will buy the best ones possible, read the following lines to get some great tips that will help you choose truly fine models.

Make sure that the sound quality is great by checking out the power rating

The most important spec of DJ speakers is the quality of the sound that they output. For the sound to be truly clear and for everyone in the venue to be able to enjoy your music, the power rating of the speakers has to be high. The higher the power rating is, the louder the sound will be, thus ensuring that no matter how big the venue where you’re playing is, the music will be heard in every corner. To help you determine which are the best powered speakers for dj, know that 200W models are best to use by those who generally play in front of crowds that contain around 50 people. In case you generally play for more people, go for more watts.

Make people fall in love with the bass by choosing the right woofer cone size

When the bass drops, everyone goes insane. Of course, this happens only when you have quality speakers at your disposal, speakers that are able to handle a lot of bass. To make those who come to your concerts fall in love with the bass, then you have to make sure that you choose the right woofer cone size. The best thing to do is to purchase DJ speakers that feature 8-inch woofer cones, or you can go even higher than this, like 15-inch woofer cones, for example.

Go for portable DJ speakers to have an easy time setting up

As a DJ, you’re always on the go. Sometimes, you might even have two gigs on the same night. This means that you have to be able to easily set up and take your gear back in the car or van when you’re done. For the speakers to be portable, they should not only weigh as little as possible, but they should come with various features that endorse an easy carrying. For example, the speakers should have ergonomic handles that you can use to easily pull the speakers.