The Risks of EMF – Home Infrared Saunas

This article will try to explain you more about the risks of EMF and the possible dangers that may arise from using an infrared sauna. There are natural and human-made sources of electromagnetic fields and while the first type of EMF is low in intensity, the other one is much more intense, so it’s considered more dangerous for our health. Starting with TVs and ending with home infrared saunas and kitchen appliances, we are surrounded by electric and magnetic fields, thus exposing ourselves to different levels of radiation. However, recently, people are more concerned about this aspect and the new electrical devices comply with the standards on EMF levels, which means they are less dangerous for us. Such is the case with the infrared saunas because many top rated models are made to protect you by emitting low EMF. In what concerns the risks associated with the electromagnetic field exposure there are no conclusive results, so we can’t say for sure if there are any health consequences that put our lives in danger. Nevertheless, we need to be more conscious about the possible negative impacts the non-natural electromagnetic fields have on our health and surround ourselves only by those devices that are considered safe.

Potential Health Risks of EMF

Electromagnetic radiation is believed to be more dangerous for infants and people with low immunity. Among the most common symptoms of the people sensitive to electromagnetic fields are burning eyes, muscles pain, gastrointestinal disorders, certain skin problems, fatigue, lack of sleep, nausea, hair loss, and some others. In what concerns dangerous illness, as cancer, there haven’t been proved any links between EMF exposure and these severe diseases. Nevertheless, the fact that constant exposure to high-frequency EMF radiation can attack the immune system, there is likely possible to develop certain diseases you are genetically predisposed to. So, in case you’ve noticed you have any of the symptoms presented above, it’s best to make further investigation and find out what is their cause.

Dangers of an Infrared Sauna

This type of sauna uses infrared heaters that emit heat which is absorbed by the body. The heaters don’t heat the room, but only the objects or persons in the sauna and it’s believed that infrared sauna has more health benefits than potential risks. The infrared rays are not visible, so they are not as dangerous as x-rays or ultraviolet rays. This means they aren’t dangerous for your health. Nevertheless, to make sure you don’t expose yourself to electromagnetic radiation, you should look only for saunas that have low EMF, like those reviewed by because a lower EMF level is much safer for your health. In what concerns the regular infrared sauna use, as long as the electromagnetic field is below the safe level, then you shouldn’t worry too much.

What EMF Level Is Safe?

Finding the answer to this question will help you better choose an infrared sauna for your home or any electric device that emits electromagnetic radiation. According to the specialists, there is recommended a maximum exposure limit of 2000 milligauss (mG). Whatever exceeds this limit can have negative impacts on your health. Usually, most manufacturers provide the EMF levels in the specification sheet, so checking this information prior to any purchase is definitely very important.

Final Considerations

All in all, even though we don’t know exactly if the electromagnetic exposure can seriously put our lives in danger, it’s best to avoid radiation as much as possible. While it’s true that there are some risks we expose to at home, at work, or when we simply go outside, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to become too stressed about this aspect. In what concerns the infrared saunas, these usually emit low EMF levels, especially the top rated ones, so if you want to enjoy the many health benefits they come with, you just have to know what you buy. Nevertheless, an infrared sauna is considered more efficient and more convenient than a traditional one. Therefore, try to be more conscious about the possible risks of exposing to man-made electric and magnetic fields and choose to invest only in high-quality products that aren’t considered a threat to your health.