Smart Devices for a More Restful Sleep

If you are not getting a good night’s sleep, you will not feel well throughout the day, your yield will be affected and your mood will not help you get on with your daily activities. Besides, your health can suffer from a poor quality sleep so it’s best that you do everything you can to sleep well at night. Some smart devices can come to your help and enable you to enjoy a more restful sleep, so they are worth your attention.

Misfit Beddit Sleep Tracker and Wellness Coach

This smart mattress cover will help you sleep better with its abilities to monitor your sleep parameters. Misfit gets under your sheets and determines your sleep cycles by measuring your heart rate, your respiration, your night movements, snoring, and the bedroom ambient. Once it has all this information, it sends it to the Misfit app where you can keep a record of your sleep graphs. All these advantages at the price of $59 are a real deal.

Withings Aura Smart Sleep System

Instead of waking up to the annoying sound of an alarm clock, customize your wake-up ritual with this innovative sleep system. This bedside device features a LED light that encourages the secretion of sleep hormones so you will enjoy a restful sleep night after night. When the device senses that it’s time to wake up, it simulates a sunrise that will help you wake up feeling fresh. Besides, it comes with built-in speakers so you can listen to any sound you like when you wake up. Its high-tech feature has a price and it’s $266.

Fitbit Charge HR Sleep Tracker

This devices pairs as a sleep tracker and activity monitor while boosting some features of a smartwatch. It’s comfortable to wear at night due to the slim wristband and the sleek display that doesn’t intrude you at all. The device can measure heart rate and pulse and tells you everything you need to know about your sleep stages. It features a silent alarm meant to wake you up and not your partner and all the data can be stored on the app it comes with. The price of this sleep tracker varies depending on color and size but the average price is around $125.

Tranquil Moments Pro Sleep System

This sound machine features 20 digital sound programs to help you fall asleep and rest at night and you can choose to play the sounds for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. 8 of the sound programs are part of the sleep coaching feature and have been designed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson to help you improve the quality of your sleep. The exclusive Sleep Enhancement technology slows down the playback of the sounds to lure you into sleep while the alarm clock boasts a gradual on light that simulates the sunrise so you will wake up smoothly and without an impact.