Gadgets that Will Help You Keep Warm this Winter

Tucking your feet into soft socks or using hot water bottles is too mainstream when it comes to staying warm during the cold season, so it’s time for some gadgets designed with innovation in mind. If you are a techy fan who likes to be surrounded by high-tech devices, these examples will quench your thirst for technology.

USB Heating Blanket

If you need to stay warm at the office, plug this blanket into a USB port and enjoy the warmth emitted by the internal heating pad that can be easily removed to wash the blanket. The USB blanket is available for $34 and it measures 33 inches by 18 inches, enough to cover you up.

The Warm Series by Digitsole

If your shoes don’t keep your feet warm enough, these heated soles will certainly do the job. They are controlled by a Bluetooth connection from your smartphone so you can adjust the temperature in your shoes. Plus, the soles have a built-in pedometer that will motivate you to keep walking to burn calories. The $220 is also a little hot but we guess they are worth the investment.

Cozy Foot Warmer Floormat

For times when you sit at the computer and your hanging feet are cold, use the foot warmer mat that plugs into a regular power socket and sends heat directly to your feet. The floormat costs $30 and it measures 20 inches by 13.7 inches by 0.5 inches thick.

USB eWarmer Mouse

Those who work at the computer and have poor blood circulation now how annoying it feels to have cold hands while handling the mouse so this hot mouse will suit them perfectly. It costs $17 and can reach temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius while working as a computer mouse.

Dyson AM09 Hot Fan Heater

This stylish tower fan is an innovation that uses the air multiplying technology to create warmth to keep you cozy during winter. It boasts a sleek design and it’s safe to touch since it doesn’t have any blades, so it’s the perfect addition to every room