Fitness Machines with Smart Features

Technology has reached even the regular fitness machines and has turned them into innovative devices that can upgrade your workouts and offer you endless options to train your body. Combining both comfort and utility, the smart features on the following fitness equipment make your workout sessions more enjoyable and increase your results.

Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine

If you want a rowing machine to work your entire body, try the Concept 2 Model D because it’s one of the most advanced and efficient rowers available. It features a flywheel design tat minimizes the noise while offering enough resistance to contract many muscle groups in your body. As an added benefit, this rower comes with a Performance Monitor 5 which is a high-tech device that measures your heart rate to offer you accurate data for every rowing session. To increase the functionality of this rower, an app is now available to enable you t connect the rowing machine to Google Earth so you can row on famous rivers around the globe. At this point, the app only shows a view of the river but with time, it could offer you a 3D rowing experience.

ProForm Pro 4500 iFit Treadmill

Thanks to the latest technologies incorporated in indoor fitness machines, you can enjoy the experience of exercising around the world. The ProForm iFit treadmill is packed with smart features that make it a top choice among fitness and technology enthusiasts. It provides an internet connection to keep you entertained while running, walking, or jogging at home. The Android-powered internet browser lets you connect to the internet using a wireless network so you can browse your Facebook account, your email, or any website you like. Plus, it comes with a built-in Fit Live feature that connects to Google Maps so you can go on a virtual running tour around the world. The treadmill also includes training sessions with trainer Jillian Michaels and you can always download new workouts through your Wi-Fi connection. The treadmill comes with stunning 2HD video workouts recorded in exotic places like Hawaii to make your workouts more attractive.