Coolest Wearable Gadgets

If you are in love with technology, then you probably know everything that’s new on the market these days. If you don’t, then you will certainly find quite interesting the following coolest wearable gadgets. Take a look at them, and see if you can find anything that’s to your liking.

USB cufflinks

If you want to personalize your entire outfit, then you definitely need to go for USB cufflinks, just like the ones in this photo. Furthermore, you can look for an engraving service, where you can actually put a monogram on your cufflinks in order to make them even more personal.

Fitness tracker

If you are an active person who exercises regularly, then you must not omit to get a fitness tracker. With a smart gadget like this, your entire activity will be tracked, and you will know exactly what changes your body suffers. You will know the distance you walk or run every day, how many calories you have burned, and so on. All this information will help you obtain the result you wish to obtain. Therefore, make sure you get a cool gadget like this.


This is certainly one of the coolest wearable gadgets which you need to have, in case you consider yourself a technology lover. An iWallet comes with a hard casing, Bluetooth technology, and a biometric access, in order to protect itself from thieves. If your phone is too far from your iWallet, then the phone will warn you. This small yet very clever gadget is absolutely amazing.

GPS running watch

Another wonderful choice you could make, in terms of wearable technology, is the GPS smartwatch. Even if you are just a casual runner, you will still need a gadget like this, in order to monitor your activity. A watch like this is similar to a fitness tracker, but a bit more complex. Plenty of models are available in the technology shops nowadays, and you will certainly find one that will suit all your needs.

Fertility tracking bracelet

This will probably be quite surprising to you, but yes, nowadays you can find on the market fertility tracking bracelets. These clever gadgets help women considerably increase their chances of conceiving. A fertility tracking bracelet will collect data throughout the night, and it will detect 5 fertile days per cycle. Furthermore, a device like this will collect your pulse rate, temperature, breathing rate, and more, in order to provide you accurate results.