Cool Gadgets to Have in Your Car

The latest technologies in car accessories offer you the most advanced and smartest gadgets that can make driving a real pleasure. Here are some of the coolest car gadgets that you must equip your car with if you want to enjoy a pleasant and safe driving.


While you drive, you can often receive a phone call that you need to answer, which is not safe for your driving and could get you a ticket. Thanks to the Jabra Freeway Bluetooth speakerphone, you can answer all your calls while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. This device is installed on your windshield and offers crisp sounds thanks to the three speakers and the microphone included. With Voice Assist, you can write and read emails and text without getting distracted and you will always know who is calling you without looking at your phone. The $65 price is a nick-knack compared to how this device can ease your driving.

Air purifier

If you smoke in the car, chances are the air you breathe is filled with contaminants so a gadget that will purify the air is something worth your attention. The Car Breeze air purifier and ionizer is perfect for cleaning the air in your car from pollen., smoke, gas odor, and dust. It charges from the car’s lighter to emit negative ions that attract the air particles in your car so the air quality will be improved while you drive. For only $20, you can make your car cleaner and more comfortable with this cool air purifier.

Car charger

Sometimes, you can run out of phone juice while you are on the road and you need to charge your phone to make an important call or to use your GPS. In this case, you need a phone charger and this funny robot thing can be your perfect driving companion. It comes with 2 USB ports powerful enough to charge two tablets at the same time and its eye lights up while it charges something. It costs $33 and it will make sure your phones and tablets stay charged all the times.

Radar detector

Nevertheless, you should equip your car with a radar detector that will help you drive safely while avoiding speeding tickets. Road Angel Gem is a small and smart device that contains a rich database of the most common speeding cameras and the speed limits of various areas. It offers accurate information on road hazards, accidents, and mobile and fixed cameras. It also provides a connection to eAssist, an operator that can help you in case you need road assistance.