Clever Gadgets and Gizmos for Passionate Gardeners

Today, a lot of people who are passionate about gardening and plants choose to buy different types of gadgets and tools for saving work and time. Moreover, all these innovations can turn every garden into a smart greenhouse where you can relax. As such, if you are a passionate gardener, this article can provide you with information about some of the most clever gadgets and gizmos for passionate gardeners.

Discover Click and Grow

Inspired by NASA, the project Click and Grow has invented a nano-technological growth, which assures an optimal amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients. It also has a water reservoir with an indicator which should remind you when to replenish it. If you have any doubts about how it works, you should know that is basically as a printer and toner cartridges. Moreover, you have some replaceable plant refills and a smart garden device. Furthermore, this type of gadget is not too expensive. The flowerpot units cost around 80$ and a refill is 20$.

Become a better gardener with Bitponics

If you are choosing to use Bitponics, you will make a great choice due to its innovative features which can prove you that it can become your personal assistant. This type of gizmo is actually a Bitponics Base Station, which has plenty of sensors such as air temperature, light, water temperature, pH, humidity. Anyway, if you opt to use Bitponics, you must know that its base station sends information to the Bitponics Cloud through a Wi-Fi network. Bitponics may be a great option for passionate gardeners, but it is quite expensive. The base station is around 500$ and the Bitponics Cloud can be free, 9$ mo/garden and 49$ mo/garden.

Help your plants with led grow lights

A grow light is an artificial light source, created to stimulate plant growth by using an electromagnetic spectrum useful for photosynthesis. Moreover, this type of lights will help you save space and are very efficient in saving energy. Furthermore, you have to consider that the temperature of your room is very important and by using LED lights you can maintain the desired temperature without having the risk of losing entire crops.