Best Gadgets for Gamers

Gamers are always interested what is new on the market for gadgets and devices because they know how big of a difference having the latest tech makes. If you want to find out which are the best gadgets for gamers in order to defeat all your enemies while playing, read the following lines.

Logitech G27 racing wheel

An essential gadget for gamers who prefer racing games is the Logitech G27 racing wheel. It costs $300. With this gaming gadget, you will make the experience of playing racing games very realistic. The dual-motor force feedback mechanism simulates traction loss smoothly and accurately. For highlighted realism, it features clutch and brake pedals. The 11-inch wheel features a leather-wrapped rim that makes the experience comfortable and enjoyable. It offers 6 speeds that you can shift between. Also, it features shift indicator LEDs that integrate with the game software to announce you when you should shift gears.

Cyborg M.M.O.7 gaming mouse

Those who are hardcore MMO players will certainly enjoy using the Cyborg M.M.O. 7 gaming mouse. Although it hasn’t been released yet, there’s little time left until this futuristic gaming gadget hits the stores. Without a doubt, this is the most adjustable gaming mouse out there. It features interchangeable pinkie grips and palm rests. The 13 programmable buttons, the 2-button MMO shift button, and the 3-position MMO mode switch allow you to forge up to 78 user-definable in-game commands. The innovative and unique 5D button that it features enables 5 commands with a single control. The RGB backlight is fully adjustable. In addition, it features a custom weight system. The five 6-gram weights that it comes with can be subtracted or added to make it easy for you to find the perfect weight for a perfect feel.

PEREGRINE wearable interface

The future of gaming is here, and when you take a good look at the PEREGRINE wearable interface you understand better than ever how much we have advanced. This gaming glove comes at the price of $150. It allows you to control up to 30 actions with the movement of your fingers. It’s ideal for use in any type of game, the 3 activator pads, and the 18 touch points allowing you to strike or cast a spell with a simple hand gesture. It features a magnetically detachable USB connector pod. In addition, it’s made of a breathable material that makes playing for hours with the glove on your hand a delight.